Japanese Bird's Nest Fern

Its bright green fronds need no introduction. Even though it is not a trailing plant, we think it looks pretty cool in a hanging pot.

Thrives in bright indirect light, but will adapt to lower light conditions too. Avoid intense direct sunlight.
Keep the soil moist by watering it weekly, letting the soil dry out in between waterings.
Ferns love a humid environment. Show it your love by spraying it with water every few days.
This plant will arrive in a standard nursery pot if no additional pot is selected. Please select a decorative planter at least 2cm wider than the nursery pot. Nursery pot size: 12cm; Approx. height: 30cm.

Hydration means happiness.

Make sure to show your plants some love by routinely watering them! Sound daunting? It's okay, we promise. We're here to help.