Satin Pothos

Like other members of the Pothos plants family, the Satin Pothos will be happy in almost any space. Its elegant leaves have a sheer satin finish and are splashed with silvery spots. It comes with a handy hook, ready to hang. 

Thrives in medium to bright indirect light, but will adapt to lower light conditions. Avoid intense direct sunlight.
Water every 1 to 2 weeks, letting the soil dry out in between waterings.
This plant is really low maintenance, but if you want to be extra caring, you can spray it with water every so often to increase humidity.
This plant will arrive in a standard nursery pot if no additional pot is selected. Nursery pot: 15cm; Approx. length: 30cm.

Hydration means happiness.

Make sure to show your plants some love by routinely watering them! Sound daunting? It's okay, we promise. We're here to help.