Syngonium White Butterfly

Also called Arrowhead plants for the shape of its leaves, this plant has gorgeous cream-green foliage. It starts off being quite compact, but it will eventually grow vines in every direction. You can cut it back if you want to keep it small, but we think it looks spectacular cascading from a hanging basket!
Thrives in bright to medium indirect light. It can adapt to lower light conditions well.
Water every 1 to 2 weeks. Letting the soil to dry out partially in between waterings. If left to dry out too long its leaves will crisp up a bit, if that happens, give it a good soak.
Fertilise it once a month in spring and summer.
This plant will arrive in a standard nursery pot if no additional pot is selected. Nursery pot size: 12cm; Approx. height: 25cm.

Hydration means happiness.

Make sure to show your plants some love by routinely watering them! Sound daunting? It's okay, we promise. We're here to help.