Pinstripe Calathea

Calathea Sanderiana, commonly known as Pinstripe calathea for its pink brushstrokes running down its deep green leaves, is made to stand out.

Thrives in bright indirect light. Avoid shady spots and intense, direct sunlight. Experiment in your home to find the perfect spot.
Keep it moist by watering it weekly. Allow the top inch of the soil to dry out in between waterings. Think little and often.
Calatheas thrive on high humidity levels. Show it your love by spraying it with water every other day.
This plant will arrive in a standard nursery pot if no additional pot is selected. Nursery pot size: 14cm; Approx. height: 50cm.

Hydration means happiness.

Make sure to show your plants some love by routinely watering them! Sound daunting? It's okay, we promise. We're here to help.