Shell on Earth - Small Hand-Tied Bag

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Repurposed crushed and washed whelk shells from Wales. Ideal for indoor plant pot and terrarium top dressing. Great for cacti, succulents and most houseplants. Alternatively you can mix the shells into soil or compost to increase drainage or add them as a drainage layer to aid runoff. 

When watering your plants, ensure a slow and gentle pour to avoid soil rising above the shells. 

About Shell on Earth 

Shell on Earth is a small family business based in New Quay, Wales - a fishing village in the heart of  Cardigan Bay. It is run by Caryl & Jason Andrew, who take the crushed whelk shells generated at their family’s seafood processing factory and recycle them for use in gardens and landscaping. 

Their whelks are caught locally using traditional pots, a low impact method of fishing which means minimal damage to the sea floor and marine habitats. They are passionately committed to sustainability and always looking for new ways to support the fishermen and fishing authorities we work with. 

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