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Our story

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Hi, I'm Helena...

I live in Elephant and Castle and I love succulents and cacti (aka fat plants). To be honest, I love all plants. Not only because they're cute and make my house look great, but because they make me incredibly happy. Oh, they also boost my mood. The list could get really long and you would all get bored really quickly, so let me tell you how it all started. 

My love for plants and gardening comes from my Italian grandmother, whose plant-filled balcony I still envy. When I moved to London, the fast-paced routine swallowed me and I felt I didn’t have the time nor the space to own houseplants. In my little room, the only (barely) living thing was an Orchid. My flatmate, on the other hand, would grow everything. Especially avocados. Her excitement for any sign of growth made me secretly jealous. 

Before long, I found myself staring at the roots growing out the avocado pits and looking forward to seeing the green stems popping up. 

I realised there is something quite wonderful in seeing living things grow. 


So one day, after a trip to a garden center, I came home with a few houseplants and started my journey. I discovered so many weird and wonderful kinds of indoor plants and I realised that lack of time and space don’t have to be a problem. 

A few became many, and the joy that looking after my houseplants gives me, is the same that pushed me to establish Elephant & Cactus.