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Organic Fertiliser 450ml Pump Bottle

Organic plant food to help keep your plants thriving and growing. This tried and tested Organic Plant Nutrient is made of 100% beets vinasse and is good for both hydro-culture and for plants in soil.

For plants growing in soil:

Dilute 1 pump (3 ml)  in 1 litre of water and use regularly during the plant's growing season.

For cuttings/plants in water:

Dilute 1 drop per week in 250ml water. Refresh water regularly to prevent algae growth.

Applicable for organic cultivation, responds to EC regulation N°834/2007, produced in France. Analysis: N-P-K 3-1-6

Available in a 50ml bottle.

Hydration means happiness.

Make sure to show your plants some love by routinely watering them! Sound daunting? It's okay, we promise. We're here to help.